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Body Shock Classes & Fitness Challenges
Available at the Urbandale Gym. (Coming soon to Carroll Gym!)
The Body Shock Fitness program offers a variety of drills to keep your body moving and improving!! The Body Shock Class includes Kardio Kickboxing, Bulgarian Bags, Battling Ropes, Plyometrics, TRX Suspension Trainers, Boot Camp Drills, Bag Work, Partner Drills, and good ol' fashioned Calisthenics.... NEVER the same class twice!

Junior Karate / Muay Thai: Ages 6-13
"Kinder Karate" for the 4-6 yr olds

Our goal is to build our kids from the �inside out�.  This means our first goal is to instill the positive attitude, discipline, and respect while building confidence and self esteem.  Once our students are armed with these characteristics, they will participate and apply full effort with the �Yes, I can� attitude, and make the right choices in class, at home, and at school.  We also understand your desire to have the child who will use common sense before using his/her skills for self defense.  Our students maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook on life. RoundKick Gym  builds strong bodies, sharp minds, and great values.  We are proud to help parents develop children who value honesty, courtesy, respect for authority, and the ability to san �No� to unhealthy peer pressure.


 Rigan Machado Jiu Jitsu
Ages 12-Adult

The Machado brothers have developed their system of Jiu Jitsu (gentle art) over the last 25 years. The Jiu Jitsu they learned in Brazil has been refined by their clan into a modern and unique style which is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.
Rigen Machado is an 8th degree black belt and nephew of the legendary Grandmaster Carlos Gracie.  He Operates one of the most acclaimed and accomplished Jiu Jitsu schools in the United States.
Muay Thai-Thai Boxing: 14-Adult
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport and martial art, and referred to as "thaiboxing" in the U.S.A. This class is built on discipline, respect, and deep rooted tradition.  Thaiboxing is an art that meets many needs. Thai training methods develop devastating power, speed and superior cardiovascular endurance. Muay Thai training has proven itself very effective outside the ring as well, and has been embraced enthusiastically by practitioners of a variety of self-defense, sporting, military, law enforcement, and fitness activities. Whether you want to compete, learn a highly effective self-defense, or simply take your workout to another level...this class is for you!  Muay Thai..."The science of 8 limbs"


Kettlebell:::: The Real Deal:
Ages 14-Adult (Urbandale Gym)
Our kettlebell class is an introduction to Kettlebell Sport and the Fitness Protocol of the World Kettlebell Club.  We are fully equipped with Professional Grade Competition Kettlebells.  Unlike the bells found in other clubs, competition kettlebells are all the same size and dimensions, regardless of weight, just like the ones used in Russia and eastern block countries.  They are designed to be comfortable, to enable you to do the long extended sets that bring you the elite results that come from training the "kettlebell way".  Coach Sherrod is a National Champion, Master Trainer, Official and Judge with the World Kettlebell Club, and  endorsed and certified by Russian World Champion and Honorary Master of Sport Valery Fedorenko.  Come and experience real kettlebell lifting and get started the right way. 

Ladies Self Defense Workshops:
One Saturday or Sunday per Quarter
This 3 hour workshop will teach simple, direct, and effective self defense when faced with potential sexual assault.  You will leave with greater self confidence and a better understanding of what really happens during an altercation and exactly what you can do against a physically stronger attacker. 
Feel more empowered in a so called �Man�s World�.  Simple, Direct, and Highly Effective Tactics.  The best way to learn self defense is to practice it, not just listen to it or watch a demonstration.